Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ugly Belgian Houses continued, Part 3

Continuing a look at ugly Belgian houses, as documented by Belgian architect Hannes Coudenys on his website at:

Also included, some reader comments from a Bored Panda post about the pics of the houses, at: 


Reader comments:

Hey, this one's great! ❤️

Looks like part of a mini golf course

This one's actually not that bad. I especially like the multicolored roof.

Needs a moat but I dig it.

Don’t really see an issue with this house except the landscaping could do with a spruce up.

It's Disneyland

Reader comments:

That one looks actually pretty nice to me, except the stones that look a bit dirty and could need a cleaning...It looks a bit sad like that

I kinda like the worn look of the stones!

It needs a good landscaper to level and seed the lawn.

Not just the lawn. It needs some trees, bushes, flowers.....something.

Your roof is melting.

Odd, yes; ugly, nope.

Mid-Century Hobbit Hole?

Reader comments:

It's a brick dick!

Hate to admit how much "Malebox" made me snort.

I thought it was a middle finger.

Is that a mailbox or are you just happy to see me !?

Yeah, this one is kinda ugly. but that’s just an opinion.

Is there some reason for hating windows over there?

This house is very happy to see you....

No, we don't want any visitors !!

 Reader comments:

No nosy neighbors!

That's a 'I'm not moving' argument won, right there!

There's one thing I've always hated about Belgian houses. I seriously remember hating this as a little kid when we were driving through Belgium. THOSE FREAKING UGLY WHITE/GREY TILES ON ONE OR TWO SIDES OF THE HOUSE THAT ARE ALWAYS LOOKING DIRTY. UHGGG. x'D Someone once told me it's to protect the house from the rain, but it rains just as much in the neighbouring country where I live, and we don't need those freaking tiles. :P

It's made of Eternit (you know, this asbestos thing), and we had some huge asbestos plants in Belgium. So I guess those tiles were pretty cheap, and they are indeed all over everywhere, and ugly s can be. Very drab.

This is actually pretty cute


What's with the upper left of the house? A gigantic beehive?

Beautiful yard!

 Reader comments:

A troll lived here

Oh NOW we know where all those internet trolls live!! 🤣

They must sell tacos, where is the drive through window?

Looks like a dry docked aircraft carrier

Fall out shelter for sale?

it's great if you can bring a lounge chair up there

It looks like the top tray on a printer/fax/copier

The Flying Nun House!!

Reader comments:

Meh, roofs are overrated anyway.

"Gone with the Wind"

You've got to believe me, the roof eater is real, I saw it with my own eyes!


Attic? WE don't need no stinkin' attic!

When the building restrictions only give you maximum dimensions and forget to tell you the roof is mandatory.

Reader comments:

My god I love this

Someone got really tired of getting the neighbors' mail.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this house 9?

Visual representation of the number 9 song

It's Revolutionary!


"I'm located at 99999999999999999999999999 Scheissestrasse".

Isn't that the door from National Lampoon Vacation, you know where they went to the wrong house?

Who were those people? I thought they were your relatives.

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