Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Car Work, Pt 2


Alternative To Paying For A New Bumper, Now I Love It


Plastic surgery. 

Omg. I would totally do this!!


That's One Way To Cover Up A Dent...

If that was Chuck Norris, there would be no door

This was the last car in a row of 100 cars. Chuck kicked the first car.


That's how I read it too! lol


Rex Attack

Bad dinosaur!


My 16-Year-Old Sister Said She Will Keep Adding Band-Aids To My Car Until I Get My Dent Fixed. Day 96

This band-aid business does not have the effect the 16y old girl hopes. Vice versa, who wouldn't want to see how many band-aids would fit on that car.

She should have used the band-aids for kids, with smileys, spongebob and Hello Kitty 

 Band-aids can fix anything.

Ah that dedication ! Surely she'll become a great doctor one day.


Damnit Laura!!

Laura - Always ruining everything for everybody. :(

Jeez Laura...look what you did.


Best Way to Deal with a Dent:

Stewie is my favorite - as a Brit I just love the accent - spot-on.

Seth MacFarlane is a genius

Aww this is cute! I feel sorry for the little guy!


Put a Bandaid on it

I've seen car Band-Aids for sale.



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