Monday, April 1, 2019

Rate My Takeaway


A little while back I posted items from a site known as Rate My Plate. That site has people sending pics of the diners they have created and asking for comments. Usually the pics are of dinner fails and the comments are quite amusing. 

There is now a spinoff from that site known as Rate My Takeaway and it can be found at: 

Here are some of the pics and comments: 

Jerk Chicken & Rice by Matthew M 

Don’t tell me that is supposed to be coleslaw. 

Thought you were meant to take a before picture, not an after picture.

Did you get this at the pet shop as this isn’t fit for human consumption 

I’m against eating placenta. 

Today’s Takeaway by Gemma S 

That cheeky bit of salad on the side isn't going to help you now, Gemma. 

Is that 3 cups of garlic mayo?? 

If this group taught me one thin takeaway/street food in UK fcking sucks. 

Fanta looks nice.. 

Jez was that boxed up by shovel? 

Sosig McMuffin for Brekki by Simon H 

The muffin looks like my grandad’s crusty foot 

Gotta leave this page, it makes me actually feel dumber in life 

Ah hardened arteries with extra cholesterol for brekkie 

Takeaway Birthday Cake by Maria A 

Good enough for a White House dinner... 

Someone dare me to have this as my wedding cake , I’ll do it. 

Enjoy because you’ll not see your 23rd after eating that 

This is defs my kind of cake 

Munch Box by Billy G 

I'll be honest, that's one of the best looking takeaway burgers I've ever seen. They are usually shite 

Did that cost a whole weeks benefits? 

The roasted red trainers look delicious 😋 

2 free appendix's with every order........ 

Afghanistan called... they want their oil back!! 

Does this come with a Diet Coke 

Chinese for Tea by Zoe J 

Think they need to calm down on the peas 

I lived in China... this is not Chinese food. This is mankey British food cooked by someone with an identity crisis. 

Did you have to wipe Vaseline on your lens? 

I was worried as I'd lost the contents of my colostomy bag. Thanks for finding it for me 

This meal just brought shame on an entire country, well done 

Salt & Pepper Box by Johnny L 

Does it come with a free defribillator? 

Why is your tub of fish bait in there too 

Where’s that from? I’ll move there 

Your cremation will blow the chimney off the roof. 

I’d stuff that in my face no problem 

Beetroot Risotto by Betty P 

It's like a clown threw up... 

Can we have this in black and white? 

Needs more crime scene tape. 

Wouldn’t eat that if I survived an apocalypse 

Looks like the Pink Panther has shat himself! 

I have that same coral setup in my fishtank. 

Looks like that foam they use for house insulation 

Pizza Time by John W 

Is the sun the chosen cooking method for that pizza? 

John, are you wearing the dress? 

Did you draw that pepperoni on? 

Fantastic Drawing - did your kid colour that in ? 

It looks like a cushion 

Way too uniform for this page....move it along people nothing to see here!! 

Pizza just arrived for Lunch by Tim V 

'Put it through the letter box mate I'm in the bath' 

Was it delivered by cannon? 

Did the pizza shop used Boeing 737 Max 8 for the delivery ? 

I once dropped one on the pavement when I was pissed...still ate it with the bits of stone in and still looked better than that. 

Did the delivery driver throw it against your front door before he handed it to you? 

Did it arrive by trebuchet?

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