Saturday, March 16, 2019

Internet Purchase Fails

The morals of the following items will be obvious, if you buy online:
  • be alert to scams and scammers;
  • check the fine print;
  • check that you understand what you are buying;
  • check the images carefully;
  • know that getting a refund, replacement or service may be difficult, if not impossible;
  • resign to the fact that despite it all, you may still end up ripped off:

as the person who ordered this commemorative plate of Harry and Meghan  discovered:

The above plate was ordered from Brazil.  I like a comment posted by a reader that obviously the plate was painted by the same woman who “repaired” the 19th century Spanish church mural:

Here are other fails  from Bored Panda at:

The captions and some of the reader comments are also from the post.

This Patch I Ordered Off Amazon...

Reader comments:

I like the new patch better tbh. I mean, it's not what you ordered, but it's still funny in a way.

You didn't believe strongly enough. ;)

My Grandpa's Neighbor Ordered An Inflatable Santa Online... They Sent Him The Wrong Size

"Bow down, bow down before the power of Santa or be crushed, be crushed by his jolly boots of doom!"

I think it's perfect

My Wife Ordered A Backpack From Amazon To Use As A Carry On. Cat For Scale

Would make a good toiletries bag though.

...thought it said cat for sale

10/10 that cat is going to do unpleasant things to you.

Thanks, Mom. I'm the first cat in the neighborhood to have one of these. Now they all want one.

Might Be Wrong Though

Why would he return it? It fits well and looks great on him.

You need more stylish shoes with that. And smile.

Photo Evidence Of Earrings That Never Arrived


Never Buy A Cat Tree From Amazon

Leaning Tower of Pawsa!

Love My New Yeezys

I mean, let’s be honest here. The originals are pretty ugly, I think this was an upgrade.

Why the fuck would you order those hideous shoes to begin with?? People are crazy.

Kanye West designed them, and people just want to get crap made by celebrities. It's kind of like buying ugly Balenciaga platform crocs just because they're Balenciaga. But, yeah. People are crazy.

From A French Airbnb Alternative

 Always look at the picture posted by previous guests, not the owner’s.

AT least it's got a pool :')

At least he has his beers!

When Your Dress You Ordered Looks Exactly Like The Pic Online

The real one looks so much better. The "original" is hideous.

I've Actually Been Trolled By China. I Ordered The One On The Left From AliExpress And The One On The Right Turned Up

Why in God’s green earth did you order the first one to begin with?

If you bought the one on the left, you deserve the one on the right!

Wife Thought The Skillet Would Be A Little Bigger

To be fair, if that was full size, that'd be one big arse tomato.

Great for when you just want to eat something small after work, like a bean or half of an egg.

Cherry tomato and quail egg is what everybody eats for breakfast.

Amazon Misunderstanding

This one is on the buyer. It clearly says "boys" armchair.

This guy must not have looked at any of the reviews, I just Googled Kinfine boys arm chair, 2 Amazon reviews showed up on Google's list, they both mentioned boys & little chair. This is the 2nd review: We bought this for our son when he was about a year old. He's almost three now, and it still looks great. It's the perfect size for kids, and he loves having a chair ...

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