Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Movie Moments: #58

Analyze This (1999)

Robert De Niro is, imho, an actor who has not had sufficient recognition.  His performances in drama and comedy are some of the best in moviedom.  In Analyse This he wants again plays a mafia boss, but this time for laughs. A good film, but the follow up sucked.  Eatch the first one.

Billy Crystal [lays Dr Sobel, a shrink whose life is turned upside down by  mafia boss Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro), who is having psychological issues.  Not only is he unable to get it on with his mistress, he can’t even kill people any more, instead breaking out in tears.  Needless to say, this is a no no in mafialand.

[Ben rushes up to Paul's room after Jelly throws a hit man off the balcony onto the wedding party]
Boss Paul Vitti: Hey, people get depressed, they jump. But that ain't my fault.
Dr Ben Sobel: Oh, so you're telling me it was suicide?
Boss Paul Vitti: I don't know, he probably left a note. Jelly, did they find that note?
Jelly: [taking out a pen] Uh no, but they will in a minute.
Dr Ben Sobel: Oh, and let me guess what it says? "Life is bullshit, I can't fucking take it no more! Signed, the Dead Guy."
Jelly: Hey, that's good, Doc.

The prison scenes at the end were actually filmed at the Sing Sing prison. The prisoners seen walking down the corridor at the beginning of the scene are real prisoners who belonged to the prison's drama club. The shooting at Sing Sing took only one day.

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